Alignment Law
Base Level 24
Group Demoniacs
Species Earth Element
Summon Time 100
Sustenance 192
Inheritance Type Ice

Elements of the earth inhabiting the Cornwall region of England, akin to goblins. They are pranksters, but also possess a more fearsome side, attacking and eating humans.

Bugaboos were also sometimes seen as water sprites. When fishermen were blessed with a good catch, they would give offerings of fish and ale to the Bugaboos in hopes tha their next catch would be good as well.

There are two types of Bugaboos. White ones are good, while black ones are evil.

Learned Skills

Skill.Slash Assault Skill.Defensive Stance Skill.Counter Skill.Bufu

Acquired Skills

Level 25: Bufula

Ability & Defense Affinity

Growth Small Hagalaz
HP 210 Cls-R 46
MP 48 Lng-R 27
STR 29 MEF 29
MAG 20 SEF 12
VIT 23 CRT 180
INT 11 PDE 15
LCK 15 DEC 35
PHY Good MGC Good
SLA - CHR - BLT Good
Lng-R Bad PIR - SPR Bad
FR Bad ICE Good ELC Good FRC Good ALM -
XPL Good DTH Good
CR - SPT -
MAG Bad NRV Good MND -
WSP - UNQ - S.Epl -


Template:Earth Element Assist

Ice Boost
A demon with proficient control of ice. Ice-based skills are 50% more effective.
Said to reside in the land once called Elyn, and the area surrounding it.

When Genma Cu Chulainn is in the same party: STG +4, SPD +10.
When the goddess Scathach is in the same party: INT +10.
Fairy Pixie: MGC +10. Demon Beast Cait Sith: STG +10.


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