Hua Po
Demon.Hua Po
Alignment Law
Base Level 5
Group Demoniacs
Species Earth Element
Summon Time 100
Sustenance 45
Inheritance Type Fire

A Tree elemental of Chinese legend.

They are said to be manifestations of the resentment and regret of those who commit suicide, springing from trees where three or more people have hung themselves.

Hua Po are nude maidens with white skin, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Their bodies are hairless except for their heads.

Their voices resemble the squawks of parrots, and they cannot converse with humans.

As tree elementals, they cannot live without water. If not given water, they will shrivel up and die. Giving water to a dried-out Hua Po, however, will restore it to life.

Learned Skills

Skill.Kiss Throw Skill.Agi Skill.Counter

Acquired Skills

Skill.Patra Skill.Sexy Eyes Skill.Rakukaja Skill.Maragi Skill.10% Demon Pulse

Ability & Defense Affinity

Growth Small Lagus
HP 128 Cls-R 22
MP 38 Lng-R 33
STR 8 MEF 31
MAG 17 SEF 21
VIT 17 CRT 112
INT 10 PDE 10
SPR 11 AGM 12
LCK 9 DEC 41
PHY Good MGC Good
Lng-R Good PIR Good SPR Good
FR Drain ICE Bad ELC Good FRC - ALM -
XPL Good DTH Good
CR - SPT -
MAG - NRV Good MND Good
WSP - UNQ - S.Epl -


Fire Boost
A demon with proficient control of flame.
Fire-based skills are 50% more effective.
Healing Kind
A demon who heals your pain.
Curative skills are 50% more effective.
Earth Element Resist
An Earth Element who assists in swordsmithing.

Will boost Swordsmith skill, and make it easier to add MOD-SLOTs in accordance with VIT and LCK levels.


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