Jack Frost
Demon.Jack Frost
Alignment Neutral
Base Level 11
Group Magica
Species Fairy
Summon Time 100
Sustenance 110
Inheritance Type Ice

Jack Frost is a sprite of English folklore that only appears in wintertime. He can appear in many different forms, such as a snowman, a child, or an old man.

Jack Frost has a mischievous yet innocent personality. He tends to say "hee-ho" frequently and generally acts like a friendly child. He also has a menacing side, though — get him angry, and he'll freeze you solid.

Learned Skills

Skill.Punch Skill.Bufu Skill.Defensive Stance Skill.Counter

Acquired Skills

Level 13: Mabufu Level 14: Frost Breath Level 21: Bufula Level 26: Armor's Breath Level 32: Frost's Punch Level 39: Satisfaction 1 Level 47: Makakaja

Level 50: Fierce Counterattack Level 58: Bufudyne Level 63: 疾風陣 Level 70: Mahabufudyne Level 77: Makatora Level 83: Absolute Zero

Ability & Defense Affinity

Growth Small Hagalaz
HP 122 Cls-R 34
MP 70 Lng-R 26
STR 14 MEF 33
MAG 19 SEF 23
VIT 13 CRT 160
INT 11 PDE 10
LCK 14 DEC 39
PHY Good MGC Good
SLA Good CHR - BLT -
Lng-R - PIR Bad SPR Bad
FR Bad ICE Repel All ELC - FRC - ALM -
XPL Good DTH Good
CR - SPT -
WSP - UNQ - S.Epl -


Jack Brothers F
A demon that has a strong bond with Pyro Jack.
When Pyro Jack is in the same party: CLS-R ATC+10 MGC ATC+10 MAX HP+50
Ice Boost
A demon with proficient control of ice. Ice-based skills are 50% more effective.
Snow Countryman
A demon that feeds on freezing cold, as it grows. Will successfully absorb ice-based attacks at 1% for every XP earned level.
Fairy Assist
Fairy who assists crafting in accordance with Intelligence and LCK.


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