Alignment Law
Base Level 1
Group Birds
Species Raptor
Summon Time 100
Sustenance 7
Inheritance Type Ice

A type of spectres in Japanese legends.

Onmoraki are former humans whose spirits have been transformed by hatred because they did not recieve the proper memorial services after they died. They appear as cranes with human heads and forked tongues. They shake their feathers and wail in high-pitched human voices.

Onmoraki's greatest desire is to recieve the power services, and they are said to appear in Buddhust temples with monks. They also appear to monks who are lax in reciting their sutras.

Learned Skills

Skill.Agi Skill.Counter Skill.Gale

Acquired Skills

Level 3: Tackle Level 4: Bite Skill.Defensive Stance

Ability & Defense Affinity

Growth Small Haglaz
HP 87 Cls-R 25
MP 41 Lng-R 33
STR 10 MEF 27
MAG 12 SEF 22
VIT 8 CRT 80
SPR 15 AGM 0
LCK 4 DEC 14
PHY Good MGC Good
SLA Good CHR Good BLT Good
Lng-R Bad PIR Bad SPR Bad
FR - ICE Drain All ELC Good FRC Bad ALM -
XPL Good DTH Null All
CR - SPT -
MAG Good NRV Bad MND Good
WSP - UNQ - S.Epl -


A Feather in the Wind
A demon with large wings.
Force-based skills are 20% more effective.
Fire Boost
A demon with proficient control of flame.
Fire-based skills are 50% more effective.


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