Sims Big Brother 1


Davina McCall
Jaclyn Day 1-Day 11

Lauzon Day 1-Day 11 (winner)

Katie Day 1-Day 11 (runner-up)

Creaminmypants Day 1-Day 11

Yula Day 1-Day 11

Jason Day 1-Day 11

Lana Day 1-Day 11

James Day 1-Day 11

Tori Day 1-Day 8 64% of public vote

Pete Day 1-Day 11

Josh Day 1-Day 11

Tyron Day 1-Day 11

Holly Day 3-Day 11
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Celebrity Sims Big Brother 1

Sims Big Brother 1 was the first series of TheSimsTVNetwork11 Big Brother franchise. And was broadcasted on Youtube.

The series was hosted by Davina McCall

Originally the series was to run for 29 days, but due to the bomb threat was only cut to 11 days.

The eventual winner voted by the viewers was Porn star Lauzon, who one the one million simlons

Bomb ThreatEdit

On Day 8 the house was bombed up by an arsonist and the housemates were moved out and the viewers were to vote who they wanted to win.