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During the first chapter you will be doing missions to obtain your DB or Demon Buster License, this will give you an extra slot in your COMP and the ability to instantly teleport between Third Home and Shinjuku Babel every 20 hours.

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The story of SMT:Imagine takes place between those of Shin Megami Tensei I and II. The game is set in post-apocalyptic Japan, where Tokyo was destroyed in 20XX due to the Great Destruction, those who survived began construction of shelters, waiting for the day they could rebuild their original city. Later led by the Seven Philosophers, the survivors constructed a massive tower, named the Shinjuku Babel.

At the same time, demonic forces run rampant around the world and it is the player's job to capture and defeat them.

The final remaining shelter, Third Home, is where you learn the skills and techniques to become a Demon Buster.

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